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Culture: Umpaty People & History

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

The Umpaty are from the planet Umpyta in the Ulygar System within the Umpar Galaxy, among the inner Rim Systems. Umpaty are short in stature (a full grown male is only as tall as a Movarian child) with yellow skin, violet eyes, bald heads, pointed ears, an excessive amount of facial hair (even on females) and two antenna that protrude from the tops of their heads. Umpaty are generally a disgruntled and private people, though if you get enough drink in them (they love a good drink) they are as friendly as any race.

Umpyta is a gas-filled swamp environment (unpleasant to visitors), and Umpaty are a fairly private people, so not much is known about their early history. Because the Ulygar System is partially located among the Central Systems it was the first system among the Rim Systems to be discovered by the Laneer in their early conquest across the universe. When the Laneer first arrived on Umpyta they only found a few cities scattered across the landscape for most Umpaty spend their lives in small hovels deep within swamplands. Even though most Umpaty are ill tempered and private the Laneer found them to be resourceful and shrewd in the art of business. Their antenna give them an upper hand in social interactions for they enhance their senses, making it easy for them to spot good wares and sniff out a bad bargain. In some instances it is almost as if an Umpaty can read minds, if there are notes on the line that is.

Since Umpyta is so foul in the eyes of the Laneer they did not even attempt to colonize the planet when they first made contact with the Umpaty; though they did build a few bases of operations for trade. One Laneer explorer is famous for saying about Umpyta: “On the surface of the planet it smells as though all the foulest things in the universe have come to die, only to rise up again and be killed once more. And still the locals act as though it is the most pleasant place in all creation.” One Umpaty poet (there are few Umpaty poets for they claim to be a practical people) has said,

“Oh the marshes of Umpyta where else is so fare; where I can get some peace and quiet and smoke my pipe without a care.”

The rest of the universe is certainly happy to leave the swamps of Umpyta to the Umpaty.

While Umpaty value peace and quiet they also have a lust for wealth. It is this lust that scattered them across the universe after their first encounter with the Laneer. Many Umpaty traveled with the first Laneer explorers into unknown lands in search of treasures they could acquire and bring back to quiet swamp homes, but their lust for wealth has kept many Umpaty away from their beloved homeworld for most, if not all of their life. Beginning in the Sixth Era the Umpaty began establishing colonies of their own across the systems, spreading out farther from their homeworld than most races.

The Umpaty colonies are often far more stable than most of the colonies established by other races because they seldom use violence on local inhabitants and their outposts are established primarily for the purpose of trading. In fact, the Umpaty people have little to do with violence, not because they are a peaceful and gentle people, but rather because they have no skill in the art of killing. They prefer to profit from the uptick in trade that comes with war. The greatest example of this tendency was during the War of Worlds In the Seventh Era. The Umpaty took advantage of the fighting and traded with both sides, providing resources and weapons to the Laneer Empire and the U.P.F.F.

After the war came to an end there were many who looked upon the Umpaty people with disdain because of their actions, especially the Rendarians, who claimed that in playing both sides the Umpaty people were entirely dishonorable. This made it difficult for the Umpaty to be accepted into the United Republic and even today they play only a small role in decision making, despite how wide spread and profitable their people have become.

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