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Cultures: Jazfarian People & History

The Jazfarian people are from the planet Jugar, in the Jazar System, within the Lycoda Galaxy. Jazfarian's are typically bulky in frame, with tan skin, one eye in the center of the face, and a single horn jettisoning out from the skull. They are a brutal people, obsessed with war, but not in the cold, calculated, and controlled manner of the Rendarians. To Jazfarians, war is not a place to find honor but a source of making a living. Therefore, Laneer and Lavarians alike have hired Jazfarian mercenary troops over the years to aid them in fighting their own conflicts.

Like the Kawaneez, Jazfarians in their early history were nomads who traveled their homeworld foraging for food and following large herds of jeekas–furry two horned animals that take up residence in the high plains of the various mountainous regions that are scattered along the planet's surface. Their home, Jugar, mainly consists of grasslands and steep cold mountains, and many Jazfarians–enjoying the cooler climates of the mountainous terrain–still settle in higher altitudes, even though they no longer depend on jeeka herds for survival. Advancements in technology allowed the Jazfarians to planet crops in the mountainous regions and establish larger and more stable communities. Even though their nomadic ways were eventually left in the past, their violent tendencies continued, and Jugar was ravaged by wars until the Jazfarians were discovered by the Laneer.

When the Laneer first discovered Jugar in the early years of the Sixth Era, it was initially seen as an advantageous location to start a new colony, but they were bitterly fought back by the Jazfarians, who united against the Laneer. Another attempt to colonize the planet was not made for some time and the Laneer was–though eventually establishing some outposts on the planet–never able to conquer Jugar and bring them into the Laneer Empire.

Seeing their aggression towards the Laneer, the Lavarian people subscribed the Jazfarians into their fighting force during the War of Worlds, though some Jazfarians also fought on the side of the Laneer. By the wars end, many Jazfarians found that they did not have a place in the age of peace and became slavers or pirates while others turned their attention to rebuilding their own communities at home. As of now, there is still no seat of representation for the Jazfarian people on the United Republic Council as their planet still does not have a centralized government.


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