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Cultures: Narneez People & History

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

The Narneez are from the planet Narzeema in the Narneezdar System within the Jaka Galaxy. Their skin is dark purple and they have dark blue eyes. Their heads are covered in sharp spikes, they have extended tongues and only two arms, but despite these differences they are very similar to the Kareen people. They are often levelheaded, easy to rejoice and slow to grow angry.

In the Old Ones Era they lived in large familial tribes and sectioned out their planet in a democratic way that left enough resources for each group. They lived in peace like this for many centuries before the Narthor nation grew hungry for power and began a violent rampage to destroy the other nations of Narzeema.

After a violent struggle across the planet the other nations banded together and were able to defeat Narthor, but it took many years for the Narneez to recover from the devastation left by the war. They established laws so that such an evil war would never take place again, claiming for their race a strict code of pacifism.

It was shortly after this world war that the Kareen people first made contact with the Narneez. With their claim to pacifism, and seeing the needs of the Kareen people, the relations with the Kareen were peaceful from the beginning. Though there was some reticence when the Kareen began interbreeding with the Narneez. Many Narneez called the mixed race haghors or “half breeds” in a derogatory way. The Haghors were usually not welcome on Narzeema and many had to leave the planet and settle on the Kareen home world of Kardeera.

Several centuries later, the Laneer people first made contact with the Kareen, not on their home world, but on a planet they had colonized in the Karneezdar Galaxy. This was the early years of the Laneer’s conquest of the universe and instead of colonizing the Kareen, the Laneer formed an alliance with them as they had done with the Rendarians. The Narneez, however, refused to enter into an alliance with the Laneer and did not join the Gaja Wars, standing firm to their pacifistic values.

At the brink of the War of Worlds, the Narneez' continued refusal to engage in violence caused a great rift between them and the Kareen, who took sides with the Laneer. In fact, the Narneez refusal to join the conflict caused them to be severely persecuted on both sides in the beginning of the war, and many families of the Haghor were torn apart.

The Lavarian forces of the Union Planets For Freedom overran Narzeema later in the war and the Narneez were enslaved as a labor force for the Lavarian army. Kareen spies were central in taking down the Lavarian operation on the planet, which went a long way in bringing reconciliation between the two races after the wars end. However, the Narneez have remained true to their pacifist values and have cut off ties with those outside of their system. Even though they would have had a chance at obtaining an honorary position on the Council, to this day they claim no part in the United Republic


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