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The Lost Song

Jeremiah Bradford, a young mechanic from Canvar City, is flung into a strange and dangerous universe as he carries out an overwhelming task: searching the stars for the one thing that can destroy the darkness that seeks to consume all that exists. Will he find what he is looking for or will his adversaries catch up with him first?


Follow Jeremiah and his companions as they continue their adventure, now fugitives on the run for a crime they did not commit. Facing a corrupt republic, space pirates, and revolutionary warriors, Jeremiah and his friends must come to terms with their own limitations and capture the power of the song of all creation. 

The Bright Abyss

Jeremiah Bradford was just a mechanic's son living on Movaria, in bustling Canvar City, when his father passed away, leaving him a family heirloom wrapped in mystery. Little did he know that what his father left behind would start him on a journey to unravel the truths of the stories he grew up with; stories of a good creator and a primordial evil bent on dragging the world into his darkness. 


Follow Jeremiah and his companions as they face the violence of a universe divided and come to grips with the darkness within and without. Through tragic losses, space battles, and the secrets of the past, Jeremiah wrestles with his own calling and the fear that keeps him from becoming the hero his father always believed he could be. 

The First Encounter

John Arden is Deputy on the Explorers first deep space excursion in the history of his people, made possible by the Jumper, which will propel his ship through space at unheard of speeds. However, just as the crew is about to begin their journey something happens that no one expected, throwing John into a fight for his life and what he cares for most.

Echoes of Beauty 

What is art? What is beauty? And what does being a Christian have to do with it? These are important questions that delve as deep as the roots of our humanity and reach as far back as the creation of the world. In this eBook join me on a journey into the meaning of beauty and find that all of life is a work of art. 

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