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Cultures: Kareen People & History

The Kareen are from the planet Kardeera in the Karneezdar System, within the Jaka Galaxy. They are a four-armed people with tan skin and yellow or brown eyes. They have a beaklike mouth and smooth skin, with tentacle hair that they keep slicked back in a ponytail most of the time–they use the tentacles to enhance their senses within intimate relationships.

In their early history, the Kareen lived among clans that were male dominated, with females

being treated almost like property. Within this culture, war was an essential part of life. Clans often fought over resources and land. However, some time during the Old Ones Era, a plague ravaged the world, one that targeted males only. This plague vastly changed the Kareen culture. The wars all but came to an end and, with males being so scarce, the focus of life became the pursuit of a mate. The population was so ravaged by the plague that for several centuries the Kareen people almost died out.

The dire declines in population led to advances in technology as the Kareen looked for a way to support their dying race. This caused the Kareen to eventually search for answers among the stars. As they traveled the galaxy, they discovered the Narneez people in the Narneezdar System. The Kareen formed a peaceful alliance with the Narneez and sought their help in saving their race from extinction through interbreeding. While some were open to interbreeding, many Narneez became upset and claimed that mixed people were haghors, or “half breeds," treating them as less than equals. They feared that the Kareen would pollute their gene pool and lead their own race to die out. Even so, the Narneez are a peaceful people, and tensions between the two races have never come to violence.

Centuries later, the Kareen made contact with the Laneer, and formed an alliance with them, aiding the Laneer during the Gaja Wars not with armies, but with resources from their planet. This partnership set the Narneez alliance on edge for some time, but it was not until the outbreak of the War of Worlds that relations between the two races was severed. The War of Worlds proved difficult for the Haghor families for they had ties to both the Kareen and Narneez people–though most Haghors sided more readily with Kardeera because many Narneez still harbor prejudices against them.

During the War of Worlds, the Kareen did not provide armies for the Laneer Empire, but they did supply resources, labor, and an elite group of spies who focused their intentions on breaking down the Lavarian forces from the inside. Their efforts proved essential in turning the tide of the war towards the Laneer Empire, especially in freeing the Narneez from under the U.P.F.F. (United Planets For Freedom).

When peace was finally forged between the Laneer Empire and the Union Planets For Freedom, the Kareen and Haghor were given a seat of representation in the United Republic, along with the rest of the Central System races. Many Kareen were even given seats of honor among the United Republic regime, making colonization across the universe far easier. Soon, there were communities of Kareen and Haghor people established on most Central System and Rim System planets.


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