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Culture: Kawaneez People & History

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

The Kawaneez are from Kawatu in the Kowan System, within the Umpar Galaxy. They are covered in fur from head to toe with long tails and snouts, pointed ears, and beady black eyes. Their home world is cold and stormy, with snow on the ground all year around. Inbetween seaons of high precipitation the Kawaneez enjoy summery months, with a sun as bright and warm as the Kawaneez's sense of hospitality.

Of the many races in the universe most find the Kawaneez to be highly social. The Laneer explorer Lavoran Langley was noted to say on his first interaction with the Kawaneez people:

"I have never before come across a people so entrily noisy. The ruckous they caused when meeting my team and myself was unmatched, but so was their delicous stew and warm hospitality. Two things readily apprecaited on a cold winters night."

The Kawaneez live in herd like clans, which in the early days wandered across the planet to follow milder weather for the grazing of their cattle, or hobar in the Kawaneez tongue. As the years went by agriculture became a significant source of nutrition for the portions of Kawatu that have a milder climate all year around. In these areas the Kawaneez built structures made of ice bricks that they lived in throughout the year.

When the Lavarians first discovered the Kawaneez in the Fifth Era their culture had not developed beyond the making of iron tools. It was quite a shock to their people and culture to encounter the Lavarians advance technology and the Kawaneez were quickly conquered, subjugated by the Lavarian people for hundreds of years. During the War of Worlds in the Seventh Era the Lavarian people forced many Kawaneez to fight with the U.P.F.F and used Kawatu as a base for research and the manufacturing of weapons. The Kawaneez saw the Lavarians as alien oppressors and were glad when they were forced off their land by the United Republic at the end of the war.

After the War of Worlds the Kawaneez were given freedom as a Rim System to govern themselves, but it was difficult for them establish a form of government similar to the Laneer or Lavarians. After several civil wars the planet was divided into various tribal nations. Due to this division the Kawaneez people found it difficult to apply for a seat of representation in the United Republic Council and eventually gave up the pursuit.

With a lack of representation on the Council many Kawaneez left their homeworld to find fortune and a better life on other planets that were more open to trade and commerce. While they have not faired as well as the Umpaty, their hard work ethic and close relational ties have made the various Kawaneez communities popping up across the universe flourish in their own right.


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