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Culture: Rochar People and History

The Rochar are from Raka in the Rochar System within the Zyeel Galaxy. Raka is a recently discovered world among the Frontier Systems. The Rochar are a strange race, spiderlike with many legs, red skin, and two arms edged with sharp claws. They live in colonies similar to ants, under the rule of a single female they call their queen.

When the United Republic first arrived to colonize the planet, they found the Rochar to be viscous and territorial, making it difficult to establish a base of operations on the surface. While Raka is mostly a desert world there are large amounts of gysodium (the main source of fuel for space travel) hidden beneath the sands so, despite their difficulties, the United Republic has poured significant resources into colonizing the planet and have dubbed Raka an official protectorate of the Republic. The United Republic has been successful in establishing rule over most of the planet’s surface, though in some areas they are still unable to gain a foothold. In these sectors the Rochar live as they have for centuries. Little is known about their culture and way of life.


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