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Cultures: Hoordom People & History

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Hoodorm are from the planet Hundor in the Hodar System. Their system is located in the Lycoda Galaxy, among the Rim Systems. The Hoodorm are a peaceful people who often retain close familial ties, grouping themselves in localized tribes. Within these tribes the Hoodorm spend most of their time farming in the rich soils located around various active volcanoes across their planet's surface.

The climate of Hundor is warm and has many lush forests that grow along the oceans and rivers that spot the landscape, but since the Old Ones Era the Hoodorm have spent their time near various volcanoes, where weather is warmer and the soil richer. With thick rock skin and bulking features the heat does not bother Hoodorm and the mountainous terrain provided them the opportunity to build sturdy shelters for their families and tribes.

Life went on much in the same way for many years. The Hoodorm lived peacefully with one another, with little spats flaring up between tribes from time to time. They lived for the benefit of their close-knit families with death being seen as a final journey back to the Sun Father across the ocean where they believe all ancestors find their final rest.

While not the closest of the Rim Systems, Hundor was one of the first planets to be colonized by the Laneer after they defeated the Lavarian’s in the Gaja Wars. The Laneer’s arrival set the Hoodorm’s way of life off balance as they began to conscript Hoodorm by the hundreds into slave labor, using the their thick skin and immense strength for their own ends. This sad course of events did not last for long without resistance. Though the Hoodorm are a peaceful people, they are able and willing to fight if threatened. It was Horan, a chieftain of his tribe, who gathered the Hoodorm together and rebelled against their colonizers.

After many years of fighting the Hoodorm finally won freedom from slavery to the Laneer in the Seventh Era, mainly because the Laneer were having their own troubles as they approached the War of Worlds. When the War of Worlds came to an end Hundor kept its freedom, as did all the systems within the Rim Systems, yet they were not immediately invited into the United Republic. Only the Central Systems were given such a privilege.

Even so, Hundor seldom concerns itself with the affairs of the United Republic. Now free, in the opinion of many Hoodorm, there is little need to be invested in the concerns of the systems around them. Many Hoodorm have returned to a way of life similar to that of their ancestors: the simple life of a farmer. Yet, the outside universe continues to confront Hundor, mainly in attacks by pirates or slavers who prize the Hoodorm for the slave trade that still functions within the Frontier Systems.


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