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Cultures: Frodarian People & History

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

The Frodarian people are from Fycondra in the Frodar System, within the Umpar Galaxy. They are green-skinned with red eyes, black hair and pointed ears. The men of the race grow tentacle beards when they come of age. Many Frodarians also have blotches of gray across the skin, which is considered less attractive than clear green skin.

While Frodarians cannot survive for long under water they can hold their breath for an extended period of time and are some of the best swimmers in the universe. They are also the most insusceptible to disease due to thick skin and centuries of building immunity against various illnesses that can be found in the waters of Fycondra.

A curious thing about Frodarians is their birthing process. Frodarian women do not birth fully developed infants, but instead small pods, which must be cared for in fresh water until a Frodarian child is hatched from the pod. Frodarian infants then sped the first few weeks of their lives in fresh water until their lungs are formed and webbed feet and hands are shed. In this way Frodarian children do not usually grow close bonds with their parent’s, unlike other races that nurse infants from birth.

The Frodarians are a rough and ruddy people. Unlike the Rendarians they do not glorify war, but centuries living on their perilous homeworld has made them thick-skinned and precipitated the fostering of habits that cause many to be quick to either lash out in violence or turn to merriment, depending on the occasion. Their homeworld of Fycondra is covered almost entirely by water. Early traditions held by the Frodarians claim that they used to reside under the water, but a rebellious act against their gods cast them out onto the surface where conditions make it difficult for even the heartiest to survive.

During the early years of their recorded history the Frodarians made their homes on floating barges, or mograshes, as they call them in their native tongue. It was on the mograshes that the Frodaians spent their lives protecting their clan from monsters in the deep (giant sea creatures that feed solely on the Frodarian people). In the early days it became a right of passage for Frodarian boys when they grew their first tentacle to go out with the men into battle against these sea beasts. There were also many wars between mogrash clans, usually due to a lack of resources. The few islands that can be found across the planet's surface make it difficult for Frodarians to grow plants and medicines that are vital for survival on the perilous world.

It did not take long for the Frodarian people to begin to experiment with ways to leave their homeworld, due to the difficulties most experienced trying to live on the water planet. Space travel was achieved before the Lavarian people first discovered Fycondra after their defeat in the Gaja Wars. Soon an alliance was struck between the two races and Fycondra was a chief ally to the Lavarians in the War of Worlds. However, after the war, the alliance was quickly broken and Fycondra sought peaceful relations with the Laneer.

As expansion into the Frontier Systems begun Fycondra played a chief role in establishing new colonies under the United Republic. Many Frodarians left their system in search of safer places to call home, but not all was well for these colonies. Far away from United Republic protection many Frodarian colonies suffered under attacks from pirates and slavers, but the Frodarian people have learned much about survival in the early days of their history on Fycondra. The Frodarian colonies have proved over time to be some of the most stable societies among these far off worlds.


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