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Cultures: Flywardian People & History

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

The Flywardian people are from the planet Fydeema in the Flydar System, within the Lydebo Galaxy. They are a winged race covered in feathers–agile, graceful, and proud. For centuries they have prized honor highly, but a system of honor unlike that of the Rendarians; their honor has not been found primarily on the battlefield, but in protecting their tribal clan from the beasts that inhabit the planet. They were a tribal people in their early history and lived among the towering trees in the many forests that cover the planet's surface. As the years passed they began to leave their forest homes and made cities among the floating rocks in the sky. Here, away from predators on the surface, they flourished and formed a semi-democratic government led by a Twirkista, or Counsel, in the tongue of the Old Ones.

Due to the abundance of resources on the planet, war between clans was not common and their culture was based more around storytelling and verse. Some of the most beautiful songs ever sung have been written and composed by the Flywardian people, but their language is almost impossible for a foreigner to master.

The Flywardian culture did not advanced past plasma weapons by the time the United Republic discovered Fydeema and began colonization. When a ruthless Lavarian named Director Dotarkin took over the colonization project he and his army, composed primarily of Lavarians, wreaked havoc for the Flywardian people and the planet they call home.

Dotarkin has no care for the Flywardian people, but the United Republic depends on the raw resources of Fydeema, especially the large trees of its forests, so they support his rule. Sadly, cutting down the forests is disturbing the ecosystem to such a degree that, if the practice is continued for much longer, the effects will be devastating. Dotarkin, while aware of this, has little concern for the future of Fydeema. His interest in the planet is in using it as a place of experimentation in the rules of progress. Tensions rise as the Flyardians grow tired of their colonizers and the planet grows weary under the exploration of its natural resources. The scene is set for outright war, but some, holding to the traditions of old, look forward to the day when the Tarak will come and set things right.


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