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Culture: Laneer People & History

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

The Laneer humanoids are from the planet Lystra in the Logar System, part of the Iconium Galaxy. The Iconium Galaxy is near the center of the universe and is home to a cluster of systems that the Laneer have named The Central Systems.

The Laneer are a proud people with skin so pale it almost looks white. They have white or blue eyes with no iris and blonde hair that often turns white with old age. Their limbs and neck are longer than most humanoids and they have smooth skin with pointed ears. Due to their tall and slender stature many other humanoids see them as serious and dignified, and their general demeanor matches this solemn physic. Many of the Laneer people pride themselves on their skills in the arts, music, and philosophy; their curious minds turning them to the stars at an early time in their history.

In terms of community life the Laneer are generally a private people who prefer to spend time alone or with a close circle of friends or family. Most Laneer marry at a late age, if at all, and most families have no more than one child. Children are sent off to boarding schools at an early age where they are acculturated in the ways of their people, given a rigorous course of education in a wide variety of subjects. Within this program of education Laneer children learn a strict code of edict that is to be followed at all times known simply as “The Rule”. Most children seldom see their parents while they are away for schooling and many children never see their parents again until adulthood.

Since families are so small the resources of Lystra have always been plentiful throughout most of Laneer history, giving the Laneer people little need for warfare in the early years of their development. The indigenous plants of their planet include a wide range of tropical fare from sweet piparomos fruit to hearty green laleray, which make up the base of many Laneer dishes.

Most of Lystra is made up of islands dotted across wide deep blue oceans. These islands can at times become densely populated, but there has always been room to expand across the oceans to populate other lands. Since Lystra has two bright suns the days are long and the nights short. The Laneer’s pale eyes make them the only race that can see without pain or difficulty despite the brightness of their homeworld.

With such a peaceful history, and a curious culture, the Laneer were the first race to achieve space travel and explore the vastness of space during the Fifth Era. The first race they discovered were the Lavarians on the planet Lavaria, also located in the Logar System. Relations between the two races were peaceful at first; the Lavarian people, more apt at science and technological advancements, even developed Sensors for the Laneer so that they could see in darker environments. With the help of the Lavarian people the Laneer explored further and further throughout the Logar System and eventually discovered the first Jumper left by the Old Ones during what is termed the Old Ones Era. With this ancient technology the Laneer people were able to leave the Logar System for the first time.

The first race discovered outside of the Logar System was the Ganaian people in the Gaja System. They were also a peaceful people, but they were not as technologically advanced as the Laneer or Lavarians and, since their plant Ganaia was rich in resources needed for further space travel, the Laneer were quick to colonize the system as their own.

Though tensions had been rising between the Laneer and the Lavarians due to cultural differences it was the colonization of Ganai that ignited the first conflict between the Lavarians and the Laneer: known as the Gaja Wars. There were many bloody battles on the surface and around the planet of Ganaia between the Lavarians and the Laneer. The Lavarians would have been victorious if the Laneer had not discovered the Rogar System and the people of Rendaria.

Being a rough and warlike people when the Rendarians first made contact with the Laneer they felt no threat from the fair-haired and fair-skinned race, although their technology intrigued them. The Laneer tempted the Rendarian people with great riches and advancement in technology if they would join with them against the Lavarians. The Rendarian Empire, weakened by decades of infighting, agreed.

With the help of the Rendarians the Laneer defeated the Lavarians and captured the Gaja System for their own growing empire: an oligarchy that became known as the Laneer Empire. After this first joint effort with the Rendarians the Laneer put the Rendarians in their service as their main fighting force, depending on the continual infighting of the Rendarian people and the secrets of space travel to keep them from becoming strong enough to try to take the Laneer colonies for themselves.

With the help of the Rendarian fighting force the Laneer spread across the universe, taking planet after planet under their rule. It was not long before most of the Central Systems, spread across two galaxies, were under the reign of the Laneer, with few to challenge them. Yet, this achievement was not without much loss on Rendaria’s part. Thousands of Rendarians fell in the Laneer conquest and many more returned home empty handed only to find their homeworld in the chaos of more civil wars. With the depletion of fighting soldiers, and years of service to the Laneer with little to no repayment, the once glorious Rendarian Empire fell into disrepair.

Needless to say, with the Rendarians gone, the Laneer Empire’s army was sorely depleted and their kingdom was open to attack from the Lavarians, who had been building up their own forces to attack the Laneer and halt their growing influence over the Central Systems. This led way to the War of Worlds of the Seventh Era. Every world was brought into the chaos of the fighting, even many Rendarians who were dealing with their own internal strife at the time. By the end of the bloody conflict everyone was ready for peace.

At the beginning of the Eighth Era the peace accord, known as the Peace of Worlds, was struck between the Laneer and Lavarian people and the United Republic was born. Under this banner the Laneer and Lavarians continued their conquest of the Frontier Systems together, though many of the Central Systems, and later the Rim Systems, were given their freedom and invited into the unified democratic leadership of the United Republic Council.

The Laneer always had greater influence within the United Republic, holding the highest seat of power in the Council for the longest period of time, much to the disgruntlement of many Lavarians. Even so, the cost of another galactic war has been too great for either side to consider. Added to this, the possibilities for power and riches in the Frontier Systems, has allowed a lasting peace to be sustained between the two races. Therefore, the Ninth Era has begun with all eyes outward to the new galaxies that can be found around the edges of known space.


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