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Monthly Movies

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

I believe stories have such a wonderful ability to reveal truth about who we are and what this world is like or should be like. So, I’m excited to share with you some great movies and TV shows for this month’s Monthly Movies! I hope you enjoy!


· The Umbrella Academy (Season 1)

o Story: This show is based on the comic book series of the same title. It revolves around seven children born with unique powers and adopted by a rich philanthropist named Sir Reginald Hargreeves. After the death of their adopted father the dysfunctional family comes together for the first time in many years and soon discovers that they may be the only ones who can stop an approaching doomsday event. The show has its fun moments and the mystery of it all will keep you wanting more, even if the payoff is a little less than satisfying.

o Rating: R (gory violence, some cursing, drinking, sexual content)

o Year: 2019 to Present

o Gospel Moments: The show has a depressed feel as it follows heroes who are anything but heroic. The character’s mishaps, both relationally and vocationally, point to the brokenness within our own lives and our longing for wholeness. The one thing they can hold onto in the mess of a life they have been dealt is their love for one another, but we have a love far great on our side. It is in and through the power of God’s love that we can overcome the brokenness of our past and move forward to a future that will end in the renewal of all things.

o Where to Watch: Netflix


· Testament of Youth

o Story: Testament of Youth is a historical drama piece base on the memories of Vera Brittain, relating her experience during World War 1. The movie’s cinematography is captivating and it is well edited and acted. I warn you, it is quite the tearjerker!

o Year: 2015

o Rating: PG-13 (war related images)

o Gospel Moments: The movie deals with the loss that comes from warfare, revealing that such violence does not bring justice for those who suffer most. It is a testimony that vengeance must be left to the Lord.

o Where to Watch: Buy or rent from Amazon or iTune

· Hunt For The Wilderpeople

o Story: This movie follows the misadventures of a foster care kid named Ricky as he seeks a place to belong. It’s a fun story with some great deadpan comedy and surprisingly touching moments.

o Year: 2016

o Rating: PG (violence, some language)

o Gospel Moments: Ricky is like most of us: wild at heart and wondering where one can find a place to belong in this crazy world. Ricky finds a home in the least likely of places as he learns that no matter how broken you may be you are still worthy of love. God feels the same for us. No matter how far you may have fallen God reaches out with a love that overcomes all.

o Where to Watch: Hulu

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