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Monthly Movies


· Baskets

o Story: Baskets is a dark dramedy that follows the lives of the Baskets family, staring Chip Baskets, a man whose dream was to become a classically trained clown. After flunking out of clown school, Chip moves back in with his mother and re-enters the family drama of his past as he continues to pursue a profession in clowning.

o Year: 2016-2019

o Rating: R (cursing, drinking, language, some sexual content)

o Gospel Moments: This show has very few laugh-out-loud moments, but its comedic genius can often surprise and dazzle. At the same time, Baskets is not afraid to delve into a more serious side as it follows the broken relationships of the members of the Baskets family. As the show unfolds you may find yourself, like I did, hoping that Chip can come to terms with the truth of his past and that his dysfunctional family might find some peace in the end. Thankfully, this is where the show shines as the power of forgiveness works to heal what's been broken.

o Where to Watch: Hulu


· Parasite

o Story: Parasite is a riveting Korean society drama that follows the ups and downs of a symbiotic relationship between a wealthy family and the struggling Kim clan employed by them.

o Year: 2019

o Rating: R (language, sexual content, violence)

o Gospel Moments: This movie plays off class disparities that are specific to Korean society, but express themselves in different ways in every time and place. The Kim family, consumed by their desire for a bigger and better life, began leeching off the wealthy Park family, who is oblivious to the suffering of those less fortunate than themselves. The dangers of consumerism–a system that champions covetousness–is put on full display as the Kim family destroys themselves in their pursuit for more. In the end, love is revealed to be a far greater treasure than all the treasures of the world.

o Where to Watch: Hulu

· Hunt For The Wilderpeople

o Story: Ricky Baker, abandoned by his mother, is taken into the foster care system. He is eventually placed with Bella and her aloof husband Hec on a farm in a remote region of New Zealand. Ricky grows to love his new home, but after Bella suddenly dies, child services inform Hec that they will be taking Ricky back. Ricky decides to run away instead of being taken from his new home. Hec goes after him and the two become the subjects of a manhunt after getting stranded in the wilderness.

o Year: 2016

o Rating: PG-13 (some language, violence)

o Gospel Moments: A fun adventure comedy with surprisingly poignant moments, Hunt For The Wilderpeople is a film people of all ages can enjoy. It showcases the need we all have for a home, and how the bureaucratic systems of the world in which we live make it difficult to find one, especially for the poor and disenfranchised. Yet these wild people–abandoned and abused by the systems created to protect them–are so often the ones who find the True Home, embraced in the arms of Christ and surrounded by the misfits of the world who have nowhere else to belong other than the community of grace.

o Where to Watch: Netflix


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