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Updated: Jun 16, 2021

I am all about good stories, ones that take you away to another world full of adventure, romance, and discovery.

I believe stories have such a wonderful ability to reveal truth about who we are and what this world is like or should be like. But, because we all love stories so much we are bombarded with an overflow of entertainment, some good and a lot not so good. So, I would like to share with you some of my favorites, some new, some classic (at least in my mind). I hope you enjoy!


The Expanse (Seasons 1-3)

o Story: This is an expansive science fiction space opera based on the novels of James S. A. Corey. The series follows several characters in a futuristic world where humanity has begun to populate the solar system. It’s fill with space battles, political intrigue, and great character development. The first season starts out slow, but your patience will pay off in a thoroughly satisfying way.

o Rating: R (gory violence, intense action, sexual content, cursing, drug and alcohol use)

o Year: 2015 to Present

o Gospel Moments: Though The Expanse delivers on great action sequences it really focuses on character development. In a world far from perfect the characters of The Expanse struggle between doing what is right and doing what is easy, something that discipleship to Christ commands of us daily.

o Where to Watch: Amazon Prime


The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society

o Story: This is a fun historical fiction based on the novel of the same title by Mary Ann Shaffer. It follows author Juliet Ashton (played by Lily James) as she reports on the extraordinary story of four friends and their encounters with the Nazi regime during the occupation of the small island of Guernsey off the coast England. It’s a smart comedic romance that tackles difficult questions and gives insight into a unique moment in history.

o Rating: PG (some intense moments, drinking, sexual content)

o Year: 2018

o Gospel Moments: The movie wrestles with important questions about what it means to remain faithful to ones values under extremely oppressive conditions. It showcases how the simplest of people can live the most extraordinary lives by standing up for what they believe is right. The same is true for the church. It may be full of simple people living seemingly commonplace lives, but through small acts of sacrifice beautiful examples of love echo throughout eternity.

o Where to Watch: Netflix


o Story: Paterson is a comedic drama that takes place over the course of one week in the life of Paterson (Adam Driver), a hardworking bus driver and husband of his beautiful and eccentric wife Laura. Paterson’s life is fairly typical. He gets up, goes to work, has dinner with his wife, and grabs a beer before bed every night, but in his heart he sees it all as poetry. The film is well edited and the acting is just subtle enough to be elegant.

o Rating: R (some language)

o Year: 2016

o Gospel Moments: The film has a wonderful way of painting the simple moments of life as things of beauty, revealing the goodness of the things God has made. It is also a great encouragement to artists like myself who face challenges in the pursuit of creating things of beauty, something we are all called to do as followers of Christ for life itself should be lived as a thing of beauty.

o Where to Watch: Amazon Prime

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