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Characters: Kane

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Kane is a Rendarian from Rendaria, a war-torn planet in the Rogar System. When his parents were both killed after the Rogo Civil War, Kane came under the care of Captain Raka, the leader of the Emperor's Knights. The Emperor's Knights answer only to the Emperor himself, a brutal force that exact the will of their ruler. It was under Raka's care that Kane was trained in the ways of the Knights until he became a Knight himself, following his Captain into many battles against Rendarian tribal groups rebelling against the Empire.

Many years went on in this way as the conditions on Rendaria grew worse. The extreme heat from Rendaria's dying sun, made only worse by the thinning atmosphere, signified a final burst of energy before the burning star would go cold forever. As the Eighth Era drew to a close, there were many Rendarians who worried that when their homeworld died they would be flung across the stars with no place to call their own. To remedy this situation, Emperor Ruvem II sent Kane, and a contingent of Knights, in search of a new planet to call home. The notorious mission took a terrible turn when Kane and his Knights stumbled upon a then undiscovered race of humanoids in the Monar System.

After failing to take the central planet of Movaria as their own, Kane and his Knights retreated back to Rendaria. After these events, Kane was put under investigation by the Rendarian Tribunal for the deaths of innocents during what became dubbed by the Movarian people as The First Encounter. However, before a sentence was carried out, Kane was exonerated by the United Republic and given command of his own fleet. Outcasted by his own people, Kane carried out the duties of a Commander under the United Republic, always looking for a way to redeem himself and his family name.


  • Race: Rendarian

  • Homeworld: Rendaria

  • Height: 6 Feet 8 Inches

  • Weight: Unknown

  • Known Affiliations: The United Republic

Photo Cred: @bunbunpaaa


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