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Characters: Director Dotarkin

Little is known about Dotarkin's early life, and he seems to have no blood relations to speak of. It is believed that he grew up on Lavaria for, at a young age, he trained among the Lavarian Confederacy as a soldier in their military branch. He graduated training with high honors, but did not move into a position among the Lavarian Army, instead being recruited–with a contingent of other Lavarians–into the United Republic constabulary wing, which is essentially the military and policing force of the Republic.

It is unclear as to why Dotarkin took this course, as few Lavarians desire to have anything to do with the United Republic. It remains a stipulation of the treaty of the Peace of Worlds, which ended the bloody conflict between the Laneer Empire and the U.P.F.F., for Lavarians to contribute soldiers to the constabulary force of the United Republic. Additionally, only Republic forces are allowed to establish new colonies in the Frontier Systems, unless permission is garnered by some other means. So, the Lavarians continue to provide a contingent of their people to join the United Republic, though this is in no way an envied position. Some among the United Republic believe that Dotarkin did not volunteer for the opportunity, but was sent away from Lavaria for other reasons. Under the training regimens of the United Republic, he proved to be a clever and violent person. Was he sent away from his people to protect Lavaria from his influence? Was someone in the Lavarian Army protecting their own position by getting him out of the way? It is uncertain.

When Dotarkin finished his training with the United Republic, he graduated as a First Lieutenant and was assigned to Fleet Commander Lark: an all Lavarian fleet charged with patrolling the edge of the Rim Systems in and around the Hodar System. It was menial work, but after years of service, Dotarkin again distinguished himself, rising to the rank of Commander of his own ship. He was given freedom in this role, able to take his soldiers on missions of his own choosing, but–always an ambitious man–it was clear he wanted more. Opportunities for advancement were opening up in the Frontier Systems, so Dotarkin applied for one of the many open Director postings, where he would be given the responsibility of overseeing the development of a new colony among the Frontier Systems. He application was almost denied, but pressure was placed on the Magistrate of the Frontier, the Laneer Foster, to give him the position he was after. With reluctance, Magistrate Foster sent Dotarkin away to be Director of a newly discovered system: the Flydar System. It was unclear where Foster's obvious disdain for Dotarkin originated. Certainly, there was no love lost between the Lavarians and the Laneer, but perhaps it was more than that. Perhaps Foster saw Dotarkin for what he was: a tyrant. In any case, Dotarkin was sent away to where he was thought to be able to do the least amount of damage. This proved to be a grave mistake.


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