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Characters: Harbinger

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Harbinger's story begins at the beginning of creation. The Creator, Ava, made all things out of the void of nothingness with the song of creation, Ruach hovering over the void and bringing forth life. In place of the void he made the Or, the essence of life and light, out of which he called forth the stars with a word. He placed the Or in the heart of each star. With Ruach directing them, each star began to give their own harmonies to the Creator’s song. Ava, also known as the Father of Lights, formed living beings from some of the stars, the ones with the sweetest harmonies. These living stars he named kakobims and he placed one kakob over each star that shone in the darkness. It was his design that the kakobims would be charged with keeping these great lights burning and their harmonies echoing throughout creation.

The Father of Lights also gave each star its own system of planets, calling forth the worlds with a word. He brought forth living creatures on these planets, each star having its own special creatures; good animals that could enjoy the warmth of the star’s light. Ava planted gardens for these animals, lush and beautiful places to live. He looked over all he had made and he saw that it was good, but he was not finished. To crown his creation, he sought to make beings like himself, beings who could inhabit the planets he made among the stars so that they might govern his creation and enjoy all the good gifts he desired to give them. Coming down among his worlds, Ava formed living beings from the dirt of the planets, mixing the dust of every world’s star so that each world had its own unique humanoids formed in his image. Ruach sang over these creatures, bringing them to life. Ava commanded them to go and enjoy all that he had made and care for it.

While all that Ava made was good (for one who is the source of all goodness only makes what is good) there was a negation and antithesis to the good of all creation among one of the kakobims. This kakob was jealous of the humanoids and wanted to rule the planets of his star without their interference. He was even jealous of the power of Ava himself, desiring to rule over creation rather than take his rightful place within it. So, taking up the name of Ra' he ate the star he was charged with protecting, using its power to bring the worlds under a dark submission. Many kakobims followed this twisted kakob, the Dark One, the one whose name shall not be named. They found their power in taking the light of other living things, twisting the Or within them for their own destructive ends. They became known as the Hoshek, the enemies of Ava and his followers, the enemies of the light.

Harbinger is one of these fallen stars. As one of the first kakobims to follow the Dark One, Harbinger is second only to his dark master in evil intent and twisted power. The Dark One and all his followers were banished to the Inbetween after their defeat in the great war long ago, but from their prison they continue to influence the affairs of the worlds of light, ever scheming to find their way back among the stars that they might consume the Or of the universe. They have one goal: to bring darkness over all creation.

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