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Character: Jeremiah Bradford

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

A trained mechanic Jeremiah lives in the bustling Canvar City with his mother Kara, living and working in the mechanic shop his father left him before he passed away. Trapped in the squalor of the Foreign Terrestrial District Jeremiah has dreams of a better life beyond the smog of his city surroundings; imbued with the stories of his people's ancient past Jeremiah yearns to live a life of meaning, but his fears and anxieties often get in the way of living out the adventures he longs for.

An ancient golden amulet his father left him is his only treasured possession, that and the recordings of the stories of his people in the Book Of Stories. Little does he know that these old relics will become the catalyst for his longed for adventures and the hope of the future of the universe at large.


  • Species: Movarian

  • Homeworld: Movaria

  • Height: 6 Feet

  • Weight: 130 Pounds lb

  • Known Affiliations: NA

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Photo Cred: @bunbunpaaa

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