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Characters: Eli

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Enlightened Linear Intelegence System, or Eli for short, is a highly advanced machine intelligence golem built by the Qahalor to carry the stories of the Old Way, stories that tell of the good creator Ava. When Eli was built, and by whom, has been lost with the passage of time. Due to damage done to Eli's mainframe, he doesn't even know the answers to his origins himself. What he does know is that he has been tasked with assisting the Qahalor (the followers of Ava) in bringing an end to the evils of the Hoshek, shadow creatures bent on consuming the universe.

In recent Movarian history, Eli was residing with the Remnant, a group of Movarians living by the Shevla Mountains. After the rise of the Consumer Coilition, it was the Remnant who alone kept to the ways of the Qahalor. Jeered and abused by the rest of soceity, the Remnant made their home away from the city-centers, seeking a life of peace where they could pass on what they knew of The Book Of Stories to their children. Eli lived among them, teaching the young ones the ways of old. But all that changed after a sudden and unforeseen attack, which left the villages of the Remnant in flames. No one was thought to have survived, until many years later when a boy found the rusted frame of Eli in a scrap shop in Canvar City, which would start Eli on his last and greatest mission.


  • Race: NA (Machine Intelligence Golem)

  • Homeworld: Unknown

  • Height: 6 Feet 5 Inches

  • Weight: 250 lb

  • Known Affiliations: The Qahalor

Photo Cred: @bunbunpaaa


If you found Eli's story interesting be sure to pick up a copy of The Bright Abyss to find out more! You can find that through Amazon at the link here: The Bright Abyss

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