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Characters: Ada Williams

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Ada Williams is from the small township of Hoster, one of the many towns found along the edges of the sprawling city-center of Movaria's capital: Canvar City. Growing up in a big family (one of six children), Ada learned at a young age how to stick up for herself, but also the importance of familial relationships and the give and take that comes with love. Her Mother, Adja, and Father, Baary, moved to Hoster with their own parents from the Southernlands, joining a small enclave of other immigrants who had settled there. Ada's Mother and Father met and were married at a young age, Baary taking over the family business transporting the hoyest crops harvested from Adja's family farm, and other immigrant farms across Hoster, to Canvar City.

Ada was always a self-willed and defiant child, wearying her Mother, so Baary often took Ada on his travels transporting the hoyest they would sell to large warehouses in Canvar City. Her Father would even allow the young lady to drive the sky flyer from time to time, always saying,"Only if you don't tell your Mother." These trips with her Father began to grow in Ada a love for flying and a desire to leave her small town for the adventures she saw awaiting her in the world outside of the life she knew back home. Always a good student, Ada's dreams came true when she was able to secure a position in the Federation Academy after completing her schooling.

Training in the Academy was difficult, both physically and mentally, but Ada excelled in many areas, catching the eye of Captain Briguard, who was enlisting a group of new recruits to join him on his crew in a new branch of the Federation called The Explorers Branch. The Explorers were commissioned by the Federation to chart the stars and search for new resources and worlds. Ada jumped at the chance to be a part of the new endeavor.

After the events of the First Encounter, Ada continued working with Briguard, joining him on several of Movaria's first missions exploring other galaxies and forming relations with races across the universe. After Briguard left to become a General in the Military Branch of the Federation, Ada continued her work with the Explorers, eventually becoming the chief pilot of the best ship in the Federation fleet, under the command of Captain Yovan. This posting would propel Ada into her greatest and most challenging mission yet.


  • Race: Movarian

  • Homeworld: Movaria

  • Height: 5 Feet 8 Inches

  • Weight: 145 lb

  • Known Affiliations: Movarian Federation: Explorers Branch

Photo Cred: @bunbunpaaa


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