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Character: John Arden

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

John Arden and his younger sister Kate grew up on Movaria outside of Canvar City in the township of Contamaro, along the Seporatis Ocean. His parents were military scientists on contract with the Movarian Federation in the development of deep space travel technology, but they were both tragically killed in a sky flyer accident when John was very young.

With no close relatives, John and his sister were left to be raised within the system by harbor-parents until John was old enough to enlist in the Federation Military Academy; he hoped to earn enough notes to take care of himself and his sister on their own. John quickly excelled during his training in the Academy and caught the attention of Captain Briguard (an old friend of John's parents) who was starting a new branch of the Federation Military called the Explorers Branch.

The Federation Explorers Branch was charged with utilizing developing deep space travel technology to explore regions throughout the Monar System and out to the far reaches of the Jaka Galaxy. Being a non militarized branch of the Federation John was eager to join the new endeavor. With Captain Briguard's encouragement he quickly rose in the ranks to Deputy of the first Explorers crew, along with his friend and colleague First Officer Ada Williams.

The first several years of his service in the Explorers Branch was filled with success as the Explorers crew, led by Captain Briguard, made great strides in the exploration and settlement of the Monar System. When the Jumper (a deep space propulsion mechanism) was finally constructed and ready for use the Explorers were to begin their first mission outside of the Monar System. However, the tragic events of the First Encounter put a halt to Movaria's plans and John's bright future within the Federation was suddenly cut short.

John decided to retire from the Explorers because of the loss he experienced during the First Encounter, even though all of Movaria is grateful for his heroic actions during that tragic event. Little is known about John Arden's current whereabouts or what his future holds. Some say he lives in Canvar City where he has been spotted at Humanist rallies from time to time, others claim that he moved back to his hometown. Though his heroics during the First Encounter are remembered by all fondly the man himself has been lost to obscurity.


  • Race: Movarian

  • Homeworld: Movaria

  • Height: 6 Feet 1 Inch

  • Weight: 190 lb

  • Known Affiliations: Movarian Federation: Explorers Branch; Humanists

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