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Character: Ike Stonewall

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Ike is a well-tempered Hoodorm from the volcanic planet of Hundor. He is several feet taller than a typical Movarian with almost impenetrable rock-like skin and immense strength. Not much is known about Stonewall before he signed up with the Movarian Federation: Military Branch. With his congenial disposition and natural abilities he quickly rose through the ranks and was assigned a position as First Lieutenant under General Briguard, who had recently left the Explorers Branch to focus his attention on reinforcing Movaria's defenses against the dangers presented by a widening universe.

As the only Hoordom within the ranks of the Movarian Federation Ike was slow in making friends, but General Brigaurd took a liking to him and, after a few assignments off planet, Briguard promoted him to Major. Major Ike Stonewall would spend the rest of his service in close relationship with the General, even assisting him in his personal travels around Movaria to garner interest in the Federation Shield Project.

Ike Stonewall is a simple man, spending his time when off duty eating his way through Canvar City. He owns a small apartment near the University District, but spends most of his time at Fort Canvar, always ready and at the disposal of General Briguard. Whether or not he has a family back on Hundor waiting for his return is unknown, but rumors have spread through the Federation that Ike Stonewall may not renew his term of service after the next cycle.

Photo Cred: @bunbunpaaa


  • Race: Hoordorm

  • Homeworld: Hundor

  • Height: 8 Feet 10 Inches

  • Weight: 1,500 lb

  • Known Affiliations: Movarian Federation: Military Branch


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