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Character: Caroline

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Little is known about Caroline, but her unassuming appearance masks a hidden and mysterious power. Traveling to Movaria from Dark Space she finds herself in a world she does not understand with a past she is eager to unravel, a past that could either spell doom or redemption for the universe at large.

The region of space known as Dark Space forms along the outer edge of the Lydebo Galaxy in the far reaches of the Frontier Systems, but much like Caroline herself, little is known about this enigmatic sector of space. The Laneer scientist and astrologer Lav Leeganberg devoted his life to uncovering the secrets of this abnormally dark and empty region of space since its discovery in the mid Eighth Era. The peace accords signed between the Laneer Empire and the U.P.F.F. made way for the newly established United Republic to devote time and resources to the exploration and colonization of the furtherest reaches of the universe. But in addition to the fame and riches to be found in the new galaxies discovered in the Frontier Systems there were many like Leeganberg who had more altruistic goals. He hoped Dark Space might shed light on the lost past of the Old Ones, a civilization that left its mark on the universe at large, but even more than historical discovery Leeganberg hoped to find the answers to some of the most haunting questions: who are we? What is the purpose of life? And where does the ever rolling pages of history lead?

Sadly, Leeganberg never found the answers he was looking for. After several unmanned missions into Dark Space by means of advanced machine intelligence golems Leeganberg took a band of scientists on the first known voyage into Dark Space; he and his company was never heard of again. Since Leeganberg's disappearance there have been others who have entered Dark Space to find the old scientist or the answers he himself was after, but no one has ever returned from Dark Space alive.

There have been many who have posited explanations as to why no one has ever returned from Dark Space. With what little evidence has been gathered on the region there seems to be massive solar storms, black holes, and abnormal magnetic fields that make travel at even the slowest speeds almost impossible. What stars are left in Dark Space have died thousands of years ago, making the region abnormally dark and difficult to navigate. The famous Laneer explorer Lagoni is known to have said of Dark Space: "It is nothing more than a floating graveyard. The only thing one is certain to find there is death." Whether or not Lagoni is right is still to be determined. What is certain is that Dark Space is the strangest and oldest sector of the universe, but to uncover its secrets may require the help of the only person to have survived its lost past.


  • Race: Unknown

  • Homeworld: Unknown

  • Height: 5 Feet 5 Inch

  • Weight: 125 lb

  • Known Affiliations: Unknown

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