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The Legend Of Sam Miracle

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

N. D. Wilson, both a writer and director, crafts a wonderful story in his book, The Legend of Sam Miracle. It’s a science fiction adventure tale for people of all ages, following the unlikely hero, Sam Miracle, as he discovers his true identity and battles a time traveling villain bent on warping the pages of time to his own fancy.

Wilson gives a refreshing take on the tried and true time traveling trope with Christian themes that speak to the sovereignty of God and the free will of His creatures. It’s filled with action and adventure, but never loses sight of the inner journeys of his characters as they wrestle with what it means to sacrifice for something greater than themselves. Wilson’s writing style is loose and fun, filled with imaginative language that brings his world to life. As his characters discover the magic within the familiar The Legend of Sam Miracle brings into focus the magic that surrounds us all.

Check it out on Amazon to get a copy for yourself.

If you like these types of stories be sure to check out my own science fiction adventure story The Bright Abyss on Amazon.

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