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Speaker Of Ma'ila

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Trenton Anthony, in is debut novel Speaker of Ma’ila, does a wonderful job of creating a fantastical world that moves and breathes with vibrant life. Step into a world of different and unique cultures, languages, and magical powers that reflects our own broken world just enough to find yourself in the characters of this fantastical tale.

The story follows Jharroz and his journey to understand his powers and how to use them for good. Walk with Jharroz as he travels to lands unknown, makes new friends, and comes to know the one behind it all. I would recommend this book to any story nerds out there that enjoy getting lost in a fantastical world.

You can buy the book through Amazon at the link here: Speak Of Ma'ila


If you like these kinds of stories you should also check out my book The Bright Abyss. You can find a copy at the link here.

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