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Rhythms Of Grace

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Mike Cosper, writer of several books and former worship pastor at Sojourn Church, does well in his book Rhythms Of Grace: How The Church’s Worship Tells The Story Of The Gospel to capture the heart of what it means to be a worship pastor. As a worship leader myself, I found his book to be encouraging, helpful, and practical!

He begins with tracking a theology of worship across the grand narrative of Scripture and the history of the Church throughout the ages, echoing some of the best theologians on the subject and always keeping the gospel in view. Cosper goes on to discuss the audiences of our worship, the habit-forming power of thoughtful liturgical praise, the importance of singing, and the pastoral aspects of being a worship leader. The resources and advice in his appendixes are also great, something that I’ll come back to time and time again. This book is a must for worship leaders longing to take a more thoughtful approach to creating and leading worship services and for ministers of all types seeking to be gospel-centered in all they do, inside and outside of the walls of the church.

Buy the book here: Rhythms Of Grace


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