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Star Wars meets Die Hard in this action packed fight for survival. Follow John Arden as he fends off an invasion no one ever expected. Will he rescue his sister and make it out alive?


The Lost Song


Star Wars meets Avatar meets The Lord Of The Rings in this epic adventure to save a suffering world and the universe at large. 

The second installment to the Bright Abyss Series!

Jeremiah Bradford, a young mechanic from Canvar City, is flung into a strange and dangerous universe as he carries out an overwhelming task: searching the stars for the one thing that can destroy the darkness that seeks to consume all that exists. Will he find what he is looking for or will his adversaries catch up with him first?


Follow Jeremiah and his companions as they continue their adventure, now fugitives on the run for a crime they did not commit. Facing a corrupt republic, space pirates, and revolutionary warriors, Jeremiah and his friends must come to terms with their own limitations and capture the power of the song of all creation. 

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About The Author

There is one True Story that all other stories echo, one Story that captures everything that it means to be human and showcases the greatest beauty ever seen: the gospel of God's grace in Christ Jesus. It is Jacob's passion to retell this Story in everything he does. 

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