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Characters: Raiden

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Raiden is a Rendarian from the planet Rendaria. Little is know about Raiden's early childhood, but his are a warrior people, holding to a high code of honor. So, like most Rendarians, he was trained in the arts of war from a young age. Raiden trained under Master Raka, the Captain of the Emperor's Knights, and quickly grew in stature and skill. Before long Raiden was competant with the katana (the traditional armament of his people) and his accuracy with a darter far exceeded his contemporaries.

Master Raka hoped that the promising young warrior would join the Emperor's Knights, but upon finishing his training Raiden chose a different path and joined the Tribunal, a new department formed by Counselor Rochary for the purpose of bringing peace to the war torn planet, Rendaria. The Tribunal acted as a mediating force between the Emperor and the various clans who vied for power across the fractured Rendarian Empire. It did much to improve conditions for the lower classes and to bring to justice many who had committed atrocities during the civil wars waged across the planet. Raiden quickly rose through the ranks of the Tribunal and was soon elected as the head detective.

As head detective Raiden's duties took him all across the stars as he tracked down traitors and war criminals who had fled his home planet. His name became well known among the United Republic as he ruthlessly protected the honor of his people at the edge of a sword or with his two Hummingbird 47s. He believes in one thing and one thing only: his honor and the good of his people. This was why, near the end of the Ninth Era, Counselor Rochary gave Raiden a difficult mission in the service of his people, one that would bring him to the end of himself.


  • Race: Rendarian

  • Homeworld: Rendaria

  • Height: 6 Feet 3 inches

  • Weight: 185 lbs

  • Known Affiliations: Rendarian Tribunal


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